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Why choose MITHRIL?

MITHRIL's advanced design provides comfort and hygiene, redefining rehabilitation.

"Here's a pretty little thing, MITHRIL. As light as a feather, and as hard as dragon-scales."

-Bilbo Baggins

MITHRIL Casts & splints offer comfort and flexibility during recovery, making moving and performing daily tasks easier.

Unlike heavy and bulky plaster casts, Mithril's lightweight design allows for better ventilation, reducing the chances of skin irritation or unpleasant odours. Moreover, Mithril splints are washable, ensuring better hygiene and a pleasant experience throughout your healing process.

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Why Patients Love MITHRIL

Custom & Comfortable

Washable & Breathable



Cost effecive
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The preferred choice of Medical Professionals

Re-mouldable & Adjustable

Simple, no mess


No 3D scanning

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How does MITHRIL care for the environment?



Reusable straps

Sustainable packaging


MITHRIL for everyone

MITHRIL is for everyone, embodying the essence of inclusivity and accessibility. Whether you are an athlete recovering from a sports injury, a patient seeking post-operative care, or an individual in need of rehabilitative support, MITHRIL has a solution for you.

Our splints are easy to use for both medical professionals and patients alike. Moreover, MITHRIL's sustainability extends to delivering cost-effective options, making our splints accessible to all without compromising on quality.​​

Hear from our Patients

I had a swelling in my little

Shweta Panda testimonial.png

finger from a hairline fracture. The MITHRIL Stack Splint was helpful for immobilising the finger and provided pain relief.

-Ms. Shweta Panda
Student, National Institute of Locomotor Disabilities

Hear from our Healthcare Professionals

MITHRIL is something which

helped me give my patients a more comfortable healing journey and it eased the workload on my team as well.

neeraj godara.png

-Dr. Neeraj Godara

Aakash Healthcare and Superspeciality Hospital



Medical Professionals

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