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Sustainable Casts & Splints Made Simple.

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Custom comfort

They're meticulously tailored to fit you like a glove!


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Say goodbye to traditional plaster! Our post-op slabs are sturdy, durable, and versatile.


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MITHRIL series is reusable and industrial compostable, contributing to a greener today.

Introducing a new line of Casts and Splints

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Maintain hygiene effortlessly with our washable splints, designed for easy cleaning and extended use. 


MITHRIL is built to withstand the rigors of daily use, providing lasting support and reliability. 

Easy Application

Quick and simple application with our user-friendly casts & splints, done within 5 minutes.


MITHRIL can be adjusted 10-15 times, designed to be reused from post-op slabs to splints. Experience continuous support without frequent replacements.


Uninterrupted monitoring with our radiolucent casts/splints, allowing for precise imaging during recovery.

"Here's a pretty little thing, MITHRIL. As light as a feather, and as hard as dragon-scales."

-Bilbo Baggins

Get going

Simple Steps, under 5 Minutes!

MITHRIL as a Cast

Experience the effortless and speedy application process that allows MITHRIL to mould and provide unmatched stability and precision during the healing journey.  

MITHRIL as a Splint

Discover the versatility of  MITHRIL, adjusted to reuse the cast as a splint. Patients can now experience continuous support without frequent cast replacements.

How to use MITHRIL in Your Setup?

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Your journey to efficient and effective Casting & Splinting begins here. At Cre-aid, we're committed to providing the ideal tailored fit for every client. We've simplified the journey to harnessing our advanced solution into three simple steps.

Hear from our Patients

I was injured during a tournament

Harshitha Testimonial.png

and was wearing a splint that wasn't helping and was a bit painful. The custom MITHRIL splint supported my hand well and helped me give my best on the field. I have been using it for 2 weeks and have almost healed. Thank you Cre-AID, for this device, that I hope helps other athletes too.

-Harshita K S
Student, RV College of Physiotherapy

Hear from our Healthcare Professionals

I am an orthopaedic surgeon

and I have used MITHRIL series on my patients. I thank the Cre-AID team for coming up with this product line, a solution which I have been looking for a long time. Highly recommend!

dr priyadarshini amit.png

-Dr. Priyadarshini Amit

Amrita Hospital

MITHRIL for everyone


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Let's Get Started.

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